Market Analysis 21/08/2017


Geopolitical tensions continue to weigh on markets

  • Wall Street falls for second straight week, Markets was showing some signs of recovery last Friday but the week still endsd in red. The United States and South Korea are still playing their war games.

  • The world’s second largest #cryptocurrency #Ethereum jumped up more than 7% and settling well above the $300 mark.

  • The black gold’s #oil price spiked on Friday, rising more than 3%. However it's been mostly flat this morning.

  • The #FTSE opened 27 points lower, the #DAX opened down 21 points and the #CAC opened 13 points lower.

Earnings to watch for: #BZUN, #WUBA, #FN, #NDSN, #BHP


  • JoshWinter
    Posts: 276

    Nice share and solid points! @flashsolver.

    Oil to me looks bearish so far to start the day/week.

    The indexes may continue selling off as well as technicals look bearish still.

    The DAX is bearish as well to start the week.

    Crpyto ETH is looking strong but BTC is weak so far to start week.

  • flashsolver
    Posts: 59

    I think #dax will keep playing around the french election gap for a while, i've been buying and selling the range all last week.

    Yeah when other #crypto goes stronger they take some shares from #btc


  • JoshWinter
    Posts: 276

    Nice points on the #DAX and on hte #btc. That makes sense to me as well, now that oyu mentioned that.

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