Account Update | 28 JAN 2018


I have a few tiny trades on in this account still but have not shared any new trade ideas. I plan to share more ideas with a focus on daily and weekly charts. I did want to focus on just the MAJORS which consist of USD crosses/pairs, but with the dollar weakness and being the majors are highly correlated as of late I think it is a good idea to incorporate other forex crosses into this trading account and strategy. That way the dollar strength/weakness will not be as magnified.

Another idea as well would be to go long some USD crosses and go short other USD crosses, that way risk can be reduced with hedges in place. But for me personally I prefer to add in more markets vs attempting to short GBPUSD and go long EURUSD for example. Lately, the dollar has been beaten up across all the forex majors.

This week I will be watching for reversals and also plan to make another trade or two as well in this live forex account.

If you have any questions let me know. Thanks!


Always a Student. B)
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