Do any of the new members trade options?


I personally trade in and out of options on a weekly basis. I usually put on positions that have time on my side to allow me to wait out the price fluctuations and give me time to manage my trades for winners or smaller losers. I will share more option trades and ideas on the forum. I like trading options on SPY, TLT, GLD, AAPL, AMZN, and a few other big names. I mostly buy options to play direction, but at times I will sell options to collect premium (theta). If anyone wants me to discuss more option strategies let me know. Happy Trading!

Right now I am short a few FXE Put Verticals in my options account. Below is an FXE chart, I am playing for a down move.

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Always a Student. B)


  • flashsolver
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    never tried options, are there any advantages?

  • JoshWinter
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    Yes, there are advantages to trading options. As you can be right if the asset goes up or down or doesn't move. There are many strategies you can construct using options by selling and buying puts or calls. I plan to do some videos covering option basics soon.

    Always a Student. B)
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