Trading Traits of the Great's


Below is a short list of some of the Traits that successful traders have compiled on what it takes to make it in the business of trading. Many come into trading with false hopes and expectations, whether it is from one of the fakes and frauds or just their own ignorance of how the markets and trading works. One of the hardest things a person can take on is trading the financial markets. It is not easy no matter what the wannabe guru's or others attempt to tell or convince you. Trading is hard your up against the brightest and richest people in the world. To make it in this endeavor, or any venture for that matter takes years of experience. You get that experience through hard work and failing and learning from your failures. Trading is not an overnight success business or a get rich quick scheme. 95% of traders lose all day every day, so the odds are definitely stacked against you. But with hard work, perseverance, and an indefatigable attitude you can master the markets and also yourself. We hope to help people have aha! moments and provide some valuable nuggets of wisdom on the forum. The list below are just a few of the traits that describes many successful traders and fund managers throughout the years.

Trading Traits

  1. well rounded personal life
  2. positive attitude
  3. motivation to make money
  4. lack of conflict 
  5. responsibility for results
  6. sound decisions without common biases
  7. ability to think independently 
  8. risk control
  9. ability to be patient
  10. intuition
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